Virtual Support Desk Suite

Groupsoft remains committed to its Retail, Wholesale and Consumer Goods Customers and offers it’s virtual support desk suite that addresses critical areas of ECommerce and Logistics services. The suite encapsulates Groupsoft’s own support desk tool, grCARapps, along with other best of breed help desk supporting tools like Zendesk, Freshdesk and Zoho Desk. The comprehensive suite is designed to provide seamless operations and customer service capability by supporting key areas like:


Groupsoft’s Customer Support Help Desk Solutions are easy-to-install and fully customizable according to your specific customer challenges. To offer effective support, Groupsoft uses our own support desk tool, grCARapps, as well as other best of breed help desk supporting tools like Zendesk, Freshdesk and Zoho Desk. The comprehensive suite encapsulates critical tools for consistent customer success:

Email Communication with Online Customers

Manage and Automate Email alerts and communication about product suggestions, promotional offers, event announcements and trend updates.

Order Status Communication

Automate order confirmations, including shipping and delivery notifications and provide real-time delivery tracking ability to customers

Messages from Online Portals and Social Media Platforms

Manage your customer expectations on multiple social and communication platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram). Categorize your customers based on their location, demographics, and buying preferences to promote relevant trends and offers from your ecommerce platform or social media channels.

Ecommerce Call Centres

Set up efficient and collaborative call centers to ensure customer inquiries and requests are managed effectively on a real time basis.

Live Chats and Chatbots

Engage your customers virtually throughout their buying and post-buying journey with our AI-based conversational chatbots. Our Chatbots are easily integrated with your web and mobile online portals.


Supply Chain is the backbone of most businesses. Effective collaboration between various departments, such as product manufacturing teams, logistics partners, warehouse teams, service providers, and vendors is critical for an enterprise to address customer demands in a timely manner, and provide a consistent customer experience. Groupsoft’s Supply Chain and Vendor Support Help Desk solutions provide your enterprise the connectivity and visibility across departments that is required for a strong, effective supply chain that can respond to change in market demands with agility. Groupsoft has developed a cloud based supply chain collaborative engine, designed to support supply chain and vendor management while integrating seamlessly with the best of the breed help desk supporting tools like Zendesk, Freshdesk, Zoho Desk.

Help Desk for Supply Chain Providers

Collaborate with your suppliers and warehouses in realtime to ensure the timely delivery of customer orders. It enables timely resolution of any prospective supply and logistics issue to ensure consistent customer service levels.

Vendor Management and Support Call Center

Design a collaborative network of your vendors and address vendor inquiries instantly. Grouspsoft’s dedicated call center team, equipped with automated tools, provides critical, robust, and real time support to your vendor management.

Special Inquiries and Customer Demands

Manage special requests and demands from customers like bulk orders, customized products, and priority based delivery with a dedicated help desk to address queries on priority and provide personalized customer service.

Supply Chain Dashboard

Design an internal productivity dashboard with a complete real-time view of all supply chain activities. Access and share logistics activities and information to ensure effective and timely collaboration and action between merchandising and logistics teams, suppliers, and vendors.

Virtual Support to the Delivery Team

A dedicated support desk for tracking order delivery status, addressing customer queries, and enabling proactive issue resolution for timely order fulfillment.


Digital Transformation of traditional business processes is necessary to sustain and grow business in the era of Ecommerce. Groupsoft’s IT teams and subject matter experts work closely with your leadership team to provide the IT consulting and support services that best assist your enterprise in the digital transformation journey. We focus on and address your business specific needs, whether it is complete transformation of your current systems, implementation of a new functionality in your workflow, upgradation of a functional patch or pre-integration testing of applications and solutions. We provide project management and advisory services, custom development of web and mobile applications, analytics and optimization of your current process flow, quick testing and other IT managed services.

Develop Smart Web and Mobile Applications

Our experts apply the best industry practices and advanced technologies to develop smart applications for web and mobile platforms based on your business needs and goals.

Quick Testing

Reduce your resource costs, efforts, and time to go-live with our ready-to-use testing jump start kit which makes testing efficient, cost effective, and faster.

Custom Analytics

Turn your business data into actionable insights with our custom analytics solutions, based on your business functions and criterias, for effective decision making.

Setup Cloud Environment

Initiate and enhance your digital journey with our cloud migration and setup services. Allow our experts to give your business the critical technology boost that ensures the sustainability and growth of your business.

Project Management Services

With our project management and advisory services run effectively managed projects. Our experts assist you in planning and optimizing your resources and project schedules, current workflow, implementation and system integrations, testing, user training and, post implementation support and maintenance services.