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A Nimble, Intelligent Retail Enterprise

Retail is a fast moving business with a constantly changing landscape. Some of the leading retailers around the world, some of whom are our clients, have partnered us and deployed  SAP for Retail Industry across omni-channels.

At Groupsoft, we deliver seamless Omni-channel experiences. The mantra is simple. Personalized and engaging interactions, with absolute consistency, that make sure that our clients gain growth and retain their customers.

To make sure our supply chain is intelligent and optimized, our SAP cloud platform integration real-time inventory is highly visible for Omni-channel planning, procurement and fulfillment.

The supply chain is 100% digital to ensure an improved delivery and fulfillment experience.

Plus, we arm retailers with the critical customer data needed to deliver all this. Improved demand forecasting and planning completes the supply chain loop and cycle.

Our Expertise in Retail
  • Omni-channel Marketing

    Deliver marketing campaigns such that you convert casual surfers into buyers, while ensuring exceptional experiences across all formats - stores, online, and mobile devices. Our SAP for Retail marketing and customer experience solutions give you a real-time view of each customer so you can provide personalized, consent-based engagements at the scale you wish for. Naturally, you can build relationships, increase loyalty, and drive profitability via:

      • 360-degree customer profile
      • Real-time shopper insights
      • Personalized Omni-channel experiences
      • Marketing performance management
      • Flexible pickup, delivery, and returns

    Retail Merchandising

    A customer-centric approach for all your merchandising decisions enables you to increase conversion rates with the help of our retail merchandise management software. You can now anticipate customer and market trends precisely, optimize pricing and promotions, and fine-tune all your daily operations right from purchasing to allocation right up to performance.

      • Centralized data management
      • Retail sales and demand forecasting
      • Merchandise and assortment planning
      • Merchandise management and execution
      • Omni-channel pricing and promotions

  • Retail Sourcing and Procurement

    Your SAP implementation ensures that your retail sourcing and procurement teams are agile, and well-informed. Now you can efficiently source ethical and sustainable products, manage risks as well as costs, and coordinate with suppliers across the globe. You can drive brand differentiation with innovations, initiate private-label sourcing and use AI-powered analytics to bolster contract negotiations, optimize orders, and save money.

      • Strategic sourcing and contract management
      • Supplier and risk management
      • Procurement analytics
      • Merchandise and indirect buying
      • Smart invoice management

  • Omni-channel Retail and Store Operations

    You can fulfil shopper expectations at brick-and-mortar stores as well as online - and provide customers with seamless, consistent experiences across all the channels. Our software for Omni-channel retail and store operations equips your store associates with real-time customer and inventory data, can offer mobile POS and self-checkout, support smart store technologies, and create engaging digital storefronts and e-commerce experiences.

      • Real-time customer and inventory visibility
      • Smart and automated store processes
      • Support for smart store technologies
      • Omni-channel POS software
      • Omni-channel e-commerce platform

  • Retail Supply Chain

    Our retail supply chain management solutions ensure you get the right products to stores and customers in time. From sourcing to delivery, the solutions can help you create efficient, customer-driven, and transparent supply chain networks. You can collaborate with partners and suppliers, eliminate or reduce waste and emissions, and fulfill demand from anywhere, instantly and optimally.

      • Integrated supply chain planning
      • Retail inventory management
      • Omni-channel fulfillment
      • Warehouse and transportation management
      • Retail logistics and track and trace


While technology and solutions are important, timely execution and cost-effective implementation are equally so. The highly experienced GroupSoft team offers outcome-focused services, proactive support offerings, and value-added partnerships to bring that vision to reality. Our wide range of services include Consulting & Implementation to SME Advisory, from Project Management to Testing, from Cloud Migration to Robotic Process Automation. To know more, click the links below.