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Increasingly, the focus of procurement as a function has evolved from cost reduction only, to a dual role of cost reduction and revenue growth. Procurement’s role also extends to meeting modern workforce opportunities and helping coach and develop evolving suppliers

    Procurement function metrics and priorities now include:

    • Engaging with cross-functional business stakeholders
    • Developing a value-based category strategy
    • Re-engineering workflows with a total-cost-to-deliver mindset
    • Measuring the health and effectiveness of supplier relationships
    • Maintaining the Net Promoter Score index for the procurement function.

Our Value Proposition

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SAP Ariba is cloud-based procurement solution enabling business transactions on a unique, customizable platform that has been deployed in over 190 countries. It can be easily connected to SAP products as per specific requirements.


  • A convenient solution that connects dealers and merchants to enhance deal efficiency
  • Accuracy of business deals
  • Connect with multiple suppliers and manage production from the start
  • Simplified supply chain through a unique vendor and merchant network
  • Adaptable to other SAP networks and ability to adjust accordingly
  • Improved visibility in the market while generating all the information online
  • Cross offers possible from Ariba-ready suppliers and partners
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Benefits of SAP Ariba
  • Source

    Make better sourcing decisions with spend analysis insights. Negotiate best-value agreements for sustainable savings on both direct and indirect materials. Minimize risk and accelerate the contract lifecycle with built-in contract management functionality.

  • Procure

    Cut costs and risks and ensure compliance using the market’s broadest set of e-procurement solution capabilities. Lead employees to preferred suppliers with a simple, guided buying experience. Transact with all suppliers easily and confidently over Ariba Network.

  • Pay

    Strengthen your financial supply chain by transforming payables into strategic assets. Automate accounts payable, from invoice capture through approval. Give suppliers payment visibility. Improve cash flow and working capital management to reduce supply chain costs and liquidity risks.


Here are some case studies and blogs to enable you to understand our delivery better.