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Groupsoft’s deployment of Snowflake (including Snowflake Analytics, Data and Database) brings together structured and semi-structured data from different sources and channels to gain a universal view of your business and customers.

This enables you to eliminate bottlenecks and support all the different reporting and analytics needs by empowering all users and workloads with live data access and consistent performance.

This in turn means you can save time and resources with a near-zero maintenance solution that’s simple to use and cost-efficient, and share data easily and securely with internal data consumers and external partners while remaining compliant with built-in security that support SOC 1 and 2 Type 2 and PCI DSS requirements.

What this means for you
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Our Approach
  • 1

    DETERMINE the optimal size for the structured data to support data loading

  • 2

    DESIGN the Data Warehouse to plan for any changes in the future. Configure and Test in the Dev System to avoid untested deployment

  • 3

    OPTIMIZE the data retrieval process and enhance performance, by segmenting the data and aligning users with overlapping queries in the same virtual data warehouse.

  • 4

    SCALE OUT AND SCALE IN: Consider number of clusters, autoscaling and the scaling policy based on which Snowflake would automatically adjust based on user queries, with automatic clustering during peak and off peak hours as needed.