Groupsoft US Inc. is a business solution consulting and implementation Partner with key focus on SAP Industry Solutions for Retail, Wholesale and Fashion enterprises. Our Experts are highly experienced in SAP S/4 HANA for SAP Retail, Wholesale and Fashion.

Groupsoft team has developed a deep solution understanding of Customer Management solutions, effective Supply Chain Solutions, Procurement and Inventory Management solutions, Point of Services and Wholesale Solutions, Financial Management and Human Resource Management solutions. In Addition to, and on top of the key Supply Chain and Operations Management solutions, we offer fast and effective implementation of intelligent SAP Analytics Solutions. Groupsoft has developed smart implementation methodology of SAP S/4 HANA solutions for Global Retail and Fashion enterprises.


Groupsoft US Inc. is a business solution consulting and implementation services provider for Retail, Wholesale and Fashion enterprises, servicing the software and IT requirements of the industry across the globe.

In the revolutionary phase of retail, where businesses are trying to meet the challenges of omnichannel and digital retail, Groupsoft experts provide migration services that help enterprises to move towards digital transformation with minimal disruption. We use the latest technology and have advanced AI, ML and RPA based tools to provide our customers the ability to meet new challenges and to grow their business. Our strong experience in project management ensures that the projects are delivered successfully and in a most effective and efficient manner. Groupsoft team has both, a deep business as well as solution understanding which can be a key differentiator in ensuring that testing of the deployed systems is effective and that systems are defect free and run smoothly.


GROUPSOFT.AI – Cloud Platform

GROUPSOFT.AI is a cloud platform designed and developed by Groupsoft using Artificial Intelligence to enhance and improve supply chain efficiency across geographies and simplify the partner eco-system for Retail, Wholesale and Fashion Enterprises. GROUPSOFT.AI has been developed with Data Science driven models. The advanced Machine learning techniques used in GROUPSOFT.AI assure higher profitable revenue growth across sales platforms including at store, category and assortment levels.

GROUPSOFT.AI caters to day-to-day functioning and efficient and effective decision-making for,
• Merchandise and Category Managers
• Store Management Team
• Supply Chain Management Team
• Retail and Fashion Marketing Managers

GROUPSOFT.AI Solution consists of Intelligent Apps that cater to specific and unique requirements of the Retail, Wholesale and Fashion Enterprises. 

GROUPSOFT.AI Cloud Platform Comprises of Following Apps:

Assortment Performance
Store Assortment View
Category analytics
Vendor Connect
Visual Merchandise Planning
Weather Analytics

Groupsoft’s SAP ADD-ONs


SAP Article Creation Utility for Retail and Fashion


SAP Vendor Creation Management Application

SAP Customer Creation Management Application


SAP Quick Pricing Tool

Action Card

Intelligent Chat Bots




Groupsoft is one of the world’s leading Solutions Provider and Systems Integrator for Retail and Fashion enterprises, where bold innovative thinking, inspired people, and passion for results come together for an exceptional impact. We simplify, strengthen, and transform your Retail, Wholesale and Fashion business.

Groupsoft is headquartered out of Princeton, NJ in the US and also has offices in New York and Bangalore. Through years of Business Solution implementation and consulting experience for the Retail, Wholesale, and Fashion industries, the strategic partnerships, and passionate commitment to client satisfaction, we have created a one-stop-shop for any enterprise interested in elevating their operations to the cutting-edge advanced technology for digital transformation of business. Groupsoft’s client base spreads beyond 90 plus satisfied customers with a geographic coverage of 30 plus countries.

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