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Innovative Business Models That Enhance Customer Experience Journey.

Customers are spoilt by choice, and then some. Every product has numerous competitive options available.

Groupsoft has partnered with and created a customized bouquet of solutions and tools, systems and processes to enable enterprises enhance the customer experience journey. Which mean business models that are not only innovative, but also leverage relevant consumer insights; business models that ensure measurable outcomes, while increasing the percentage of revenue from data-intensive services.

Distributed manufacturing that is also personalized to make sure that consumers’ higher order aspirations are met.

Our complete understanding of the consumer journey, segmentation based on their desired end-state, and continual real-time optimization with automated experience tests and learning, and real-time consumer experience journey calibrated to increase customer lifetime value and create enduring relationships.

We deploy dynamic distribution networks to make all key operational processes independent, and ensure that decisions made by robotic process automation and machine learning fairly straightforward. Finally, intelligent assistant help make strategic decisions easily.

Our Expertise in Consumer Products
  • Product Innovation

    Product Compliance

    Take charge of product safety and compliance across the product lifecycle around the world.

    Product Formulation and Recipe Development for Process Industries

    Quicken time-to-market and at the same time reduce development cost through integrated and collaborative development of innovative and compliant products.


    You can check and prioritize critical issues with materials, and optimize visibility of supply, production, inventory, and demand across the enterprise.

  • Supply Chain

    Demand Management and Insights
    Formulate precise demand plans by acquiring insights to ensure productivity and customer satisfaction.

    Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning
    Create a dynamic supply chain to anticipate and manage demand, inventory, and operational risk and opportunity.

    Response and Supply Planning
    As demand changes, so will supply have to. Now you can create and maintain plans aligned with your goals.

    Warehouse Management
    Optimized planning and automated processes can help you manage your warehouse better.

    Transportation Management
    Optimized transportation management processes can reduce costs and improve service.

    Order Promising
    Commit orders in real-time, all the while conforming to business rules and customer satisfaction standards.


Our clients, as well as SAP, acknowledge our deep domain knowledge and expertise in each of the SAP implementations across these Industries and verticals.

If you are looking for a SAP solution for your enterprise, pick your vertical to know how we approach the end-to-end implementation with expertise and élan of having done it right, the first time, many times over.