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Healthcare delivery is becoming more coordinated, collaborative and centered on the patient. With the pervasive availability and access to data, IoT and AI/ML, it is natural that the industry is undergoing a massive transformation for the better. SAP in Healthcare and digital transformation healthcare is leading the way.

Groupsoft understands that people are increasingly expecting healthcare to be accessible on their own terms, and they expect digital to be the enabler. What that means is right from using data to understand meal preferences of a patient in hospital, to delivering those meals exactly when they want them, from delivering information through the right channel based on selected preferences, to much more, digital can support delivery of healthcare when, where and how people want it:

Smart and Efficient Operations:
Leveraging IoT and machine learning for higher automation and offering cockpits with embedded analytics, prediction, and simulation to ensure a more agile nervous system for the entire organization.

Better Patient Outcomes:Self-management options that empower patients to affect the result of the treatment will positively influence the patient outcomes.

Data-Driven Decision Making: Electronic medical records, data from apps, wearables, mobile devices, sensors, and clinical innovations will create a vast zettabyte of data and an ocean of information. The Healthcare value chain will transform through the ability to monitor patients, collect health and outcome information from structured as well as diverse raw and unorganized sources, analyze information in real-time to react early, and use predictions to act beforehand.

Empowered Workforce: Enable them to reevaluate how they work and help them get the most out of their professional training – freeing them from paperwork to focus on patient care.

Improve Patient Experience: PProvide a positive, seamless patient experience across digital and physical interaction as a key differentiator.

Our Expertise In Healthcare
  • Analytics

    Utilize data gathered from across the organization and make available insights at key decision points with intuitive self-service analytics:

      Empower, engage and develop your employees to drive value for patients and better financial outcomes:
      • Faster analysis, intuitive dashboards
      • Increased organizational efficiency
      • Data-driven business decisions
      • Improved Customer Experience
      • Improved employee satisfaction
      • Trusted and governed data
  • Workforce

    Empower, engage and develop your employees to drive value for patients and better financial outcomes:

      • Streamlined and Automated HR
      • Better Employee Experience
      • Adapting to Digitization and Changing Business Needs
      • Managing Different Workforce Segments
      • Integrating and Analyzing Data
      • Building and Developing the Workforce
  • Finance

    Access insights provided organization wide intelligence from automated, real-time financial processes and analytics:

      • From batch to real-time
      • Single source of truth
      • No aggregation and data duplication
      • Transactional and analytical data combined
      • Centralized Finance and Smart applications
  • Expense Management

    Automate the expense management process and gain from:

      • Reduced Costs
      • Connected Travel
      • Increase Expense , Spend Visibility
      • Increase Compliance Adherence
      • Mitigate Risks and Increase Profitability


    You can smoothen sourcing and procurement to drive compliance and control while cutting costs and risks:

      • Cost Improvements
      • Source to discover new suppliers
      • Visibility into spending and supplier relationships
      • Improved Supplier communication with Customer
      • In-the-Cloud offers minimal system maintenance costs
      • Visibility into order status and end payment timing for suppliers
      • Reduce supply chain risks

Our clients, as well as SAP, acknowledge our deep domain knowledge and expertise in each of the SAP implementations across these Industries and verticals.

If you are looking for a SAP solution for your enterprise, pick your vertical to know how we approach the end-to-end implementation with expertise and élan of having done it right, the first time, many times over.