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SAP Intelligent RPA is the bridge that connects various systems and eliminates unnecessary effort. Effort that can be better utilized by your team to improve productivity, reduce monotony, and create lasting job satisfaction.

RPA creates a layer that sits on top of existing systems and processes without having a need to rewrite thousands of lines of code. SAP Robotic Process Automation covers the the process end-to-end, spanning across a multitude of systems, including SAP and Non-SAP solutions.

The advantage? In a short amount of time your teams can review existing processes and come up with areas of optimization using RPA.

The Opportunity
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    Manual and repetitive tasks: Consolidation and manipulation of data from multiple data sources, such as Microsoft Excel, vendor portals, or SAP solutions.

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    High-volume tasks: Process steps that must be completed time after time, such as during data migrations or approvals workflows.

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    Multiple-system tasks: Tasks that involve accessing multiple applications, including Web applications, ERP solutions, and third-party software.

How is Automation in SAP Benefitial?
  • Accelerated Access

    SAP automation is critical for business leaders who need fast access to their data for reporting or analytics. Automation techniques can rapidly retrieve this information across ERP modules and clouds to reduce time to action.


    SAP automation is essential for scaling tasks across the enterprise. Using approaches like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for jobs enables organizations to do more of them, with greater data amounts, quicker than before to easily scale to big data quantities.

  • Governance and Compliance

    Automating SAP business processes reinforces adherence to data governance and regulatory compliance standards. Bots can ensure that tasks are carried out as they should be every time to meet these requirements, enabling organizations to avoid costly regulatory penalties.

  • Employee Productivity

    By automating the basics for using the SAP ecosystem, SAP end users can dedicate more time and energy to actually performing their jobs—as opposed to simply using these resources. They can also concentrate on higher value activities.

    Customer Satisfaction

    The redoubled efficiency and speed at which SAP-related processes are completed resonates with clients for customer facing applications. Swifter results increase the satisfaction, happiness, and overall experience of users.

  • Process Improvement

    Automating workflows and processes with SAP is a viable means for making both of these things better. Organizations won’t have to focus so much on manually implementing these workflows. In turn, they can spend more time on determining how to make them more effective through customizations and optimization.

Allow RPA to be your Business Driver
Advantage Retail and Fashion
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    Automate Daily, Monthly and Weekly Reconciliation and Account Balances

  • 2

    Credit Card Commission Calculation

  • 3

    Shrink Reserve Calculation

  • 4

    Variable Rent Commission Calculation and Posting

  • 5

    Sales Staff Commission Calculation and Posting

  • 6

    Delta Commission Calculation and Posting

  • 7

    Revenue Stamp Tax Calculation and Posting

  • 8

    Coupon Reconciliation