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Efficient, Optimized Operations Via Automation And Intelligent Technologies.

If a product is not within reach and in sight, it is an opportunity lost. Hence a system such as SAP for Wholesale Distribution that enables prediction, intelligence, just in time delivery, and optimum re-stocking levels can achieve high levels of control and intelligence for your enterprise.

Groupsoft through its deep industry knowledge and experience can ensure that your enterprise can extend your business by identifying new services that add incremental value for particular customer groups, resulting in increased customer loyalty.

As customers get more demanding, they expect distributors to make available a wider range of products via various touch points, quickly and directly.

With so many options available to choose from, even distributors need to be consistently available across a wider range of products to be considered as trusted partners and thereby creating a mutually beneficial growth system.

Finally, SAP Wholesale Distribution best practices and with intelligent technologies and automation efficiencies built in, distributors can reduce manual tasks, make processes more efficient, and add value to the enterprise and its employees.

Our Expertise in Wholesale & Distribution
  • Supply Chain Planning

      • Demand Management and Insights
      • Response and Supply Planning
      • Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning
  • Procurement

      • Cost Recovery and Rebates
      • Buy and Deliver Services
      • Invoice and Payables Management
      • Indirect Goods Procurement
      • Procurement Analytics
      • Source and Contract
      • Supplier Collaboration
      • Supplier and Risk Management
  • Marketing and Sales

      • Commerce Personalization
      • Customer Rebates and Incentive programs
      • Omni-channel Commerce Management
      • Optimized Marketing
      • Quote-to-Cash
      • Sales Force Automation
      • Sales Performance Management
      • Single Customer View
  • Supply Chain Execution

      • Order Promising
      • Track and Trace and Logistics Networks
      • Transportation Management
      • Warehouse Management
      • Yard Logistics

Our clients, as well as SAP, acknowledge our deep domain knowledge and expertise in each of the SAP implementations across these Industries and verticals.

If you are looking for a SAP solution for your enterprise, pick your vertical to know how we approach the end-to-end implementation with expertise and élan of having done it right, the first time, many times over.