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The marketplace is dynamic, and real-time decision making powered by insights and analytics ensures that your enterprise stays on top of changing scenarios, sometimes even before they occur.

Groupsoft deploys Business Intelligence and SAP analytics for cloud, for enhanced insights of customers and their behavior, marketing, sales, planning, operations, fulfillment amongst others.

Better Decisions: Having gamed all scenarios, analyzed possibilities and outcomes, it allows the enterprise to be better prepared for almost any eventuality.

Improved Collaboration: Using collaboration tools, your teams can work and plan with accuracy and have greater accountability.

Enhanced Efficiency: Analytics allows for shorter cycle times, close books faster, and keep aligning plans with strategic goals.

Detect, predict, anticipate with enterprise-wide intelligence.

monitoring for
timely checks

Design and develop using agile to deliver business value

Implement standard security principles

Multi-region architecture to build robust and efficient apps





Data Management
Analytics Platforms

Insights Drive Modern Enterprises.
Analytics Bring Customers Back.

Analytics enables deeper understanding of the customer and the marketplace. It enables retailers to understand, predict and anticipate what consumers need.

Groupsoft deploys solutions like Snowflake,Tableau, MicroStrategy amongst others, integrated with ERPs like SAP, S4/HANA and others

  • Merchandisers can make informed decisions about pricing, promotions and more.

  • Marketers can apply advanced analytics for customer lifecycle management and modeling the marketing mix.

  • Operations can improve the entire supply chain, from sourcing and purchasing to in-store availability management.

  • Real-time decision making that enables better outcomes across the enterprise.

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    Whether you are in Fashion, Retail or CPG, enable better outcomes and business success with the power of these platform.

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