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The success of any project depends upon the effectiveness and skillfulness of the Project Management team. Groupsoft’s team of experts understands that setting the right goals and defining a clear path to achieve each project milestone are the keys to a successful implementation. Project Management is a critical factor, which is applicable at every level and every phase of the project.


Our senior-level SAP Project Management consultants possess the ideal combination of technical expertise, business leadership, management experience, and project foresight, allowing us to effectively lead a team throughout the entire project lifecycle.

We are adept at running entire end-to-end Business Solution implementation projects, and integrating new advanced solutions and applications with existing business systems for large-scale global customers. Our extensive retail and fashion industry experience allows us to identify client needs and determine the best-fit business solutions, as well as adhere to industry standard methodology and processes for successful implementations, enhancements, and on-going support.

Our Approach

Groupsoft’s Program Management Team has a well defined, clear approach when planning and executing large scale projects. Every project follows a tried and true project management methodology. In addition to a strong project methodology, as per our experience, the following factors are essential to execute a successful project:

  • 1

    Project Culture is the first pillar of every successful project, and effective management must promote a winning, positive, committed, and best-effort culture.

  • 2

    Maintaining a Winning Approach is the Groupsoft mantra for success. Every small win reinforces confidence as the team and the project methodically progress towards successful delivery.

  • 3

    Project Management teams must have not only skill in planning and managing large projects, but must also possess a combination of the right delivery competency along with experience in team management.

  • 4

    Team Collaboration is one of the must-have factors for any successful project. Groupsoft Program Managers and Project Managers practice and constantly promote cohesive collaboration among all team members and departments.

  • 5

    Time is of essence for every project. To ensure a project is successfully delivered and budget estimation criteria are met, effective time management is an absolute must. Groupsoft Project Managers perform regular follow-ups with every team member, and keep focus on delivery schedules and timelines.

  • 6

    Communication is the key element in any successful project. Groupsoft Project Managers maintain an open dialogue with their teams, and participate in and manage critical conversations using a balanced and objective approach. Communication ensures that all aspects of a project are thoroughly discussed, any gaps are filled, and support is provided in a timely manner.


Strategic Planning

Groupsoft’s Senior leadership team works closely with C-level client executives to design and develop a custom, strategic IT roadmap. Key and critical business objectives are realistically defined, along with high level budget planning.
Strategic planning is also supported by tactical planning, wherein Groupsoft experts help in identifying the right project partners and project methodology. This is an important aspect for a project, ensuring that strategy planning and project execution are in sync.

Project Planning

Groupsoft’s Project Planning Team provides realistic project forecasts, delivery timelines, estimated costs, and resource needs, as part of project planning procedure. At Groupsoft, we understand that the business solution implementation projects are critical in nature for the customer’s business. Managing customer expectations and requirements is extremely important to the Groupssoft project planning team. Our Program Management Team, comprising of experienced project managers, works closely alongside our clients to develop an appropriate project approach. This ensures that project goals are set in an achievable, realistic manner.

Project Execution and Monitoring

During project execution, Groupsoft Project Managers develop line-level project plans keeping the strategic goals in mind. We work in close collaboration with our clients to design, develop, and deliver on these goals. Project plans consist of highly detailed delivery time-lines for every project phase. Our Project Team works closely with the on-the-ground team, and integrates and involves stake-holders at every step as the project unfolds.
At the Planning and Execution level, Groupsoft Services and expertise consists of:

    • Project Time-Lines and Phase Planning
    • Resource Planning
    • Budget Estimation and Budget Control
    • Build Planning and Monitoring
    • Test and Mock Planning
    • Cutover Planning
    • Hypercare Planning

Post-Implementation – Operation and AMS Transition Planning

Groupsoft works closely with our clients to ensure that post-implementation processes deliver:

    • A sustainable support model to ensure the system continues to run smoothly.
    • Further enhancements and upgrades are planned and performed in an efficient and effective manner.
    • Roll Out Planning.
    • A robust issue and defect management process.
    • A clear path forward for future releases and integrations.