GROUPSOFT.AI – Cloud Platform (grCARapps)

GROUPSOFT.AI is a cloud platform designed and developed by Groupsoft using Artificial Intelligence to enhance and improve supply chain efficiency across geographies and simplify the partner eco-system for Retail, Wholesale and Fashion Enterprises. GROUPSOFT.AI has been developed with Data Science driven models. The advanced Machine learning techniques used in GROUPSOFT.AI assure higher profitable revenue growth across sales platforms including at store, category and assortment levels.

GROUPSOFT. AI caters to day-to-day functioning, efficient and effective decision-making for:

  • Merchandise and Category Managers
  • Store Management Team
  • Supply Chain Management Team
  • Retail and Fashion Marketing Managers

GROUPSOFT.AI Solution consists of intelligent applications (known as grCARapps) that cater to specific and unique requirements of the Retail, Wholesale and Fashion Enterprises.

GROUPSOFT.AI comprises of following grCARapps:

  • Store -360
  • Markdown Planning
  • Merchandise – 360
  • Merchandise – Insights
  • Assortment Performance
  • Store Assortment View
  • Category Analytics
  • Vendor Connect
  • Store Plan
  • Visual Merchandise Planning
  • Weather Analytics
  • CAR Bots
  • Robotics Process Automation (RPA on CAR)

Key Benefits with GROUPSOFT.AI

  • GROUPSOFT.AI enables Merchandise, Assortment and Category analysis at store and regional level in real time, historical and forecast basis. It provides a simplified, enhanced and a single view of the big data to cater your dail s business needs that enable effective and intelligent decision-making for the business teams.
  • With GROUPSOFT.AI business can track all key aspects of customer interaction and buying behavior, and product performance across categories and regions. 
  • Insights gained with GROUPSOFT.AI can be instrumental in driving sales and to gain significantly higher returns on the promotional spend.
  • Machine Learning (ML) b Sased Assortment Reviewer that tracks Customer behaviour and Market trends, drives promoting the right product to the right customer that can play a key role in leading sales, increasing profit margins and improving customer loyalty.
  • Supply Collaborative apps increase productivity and improve the demand supply efficiency.

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