As many of us move to the ‘Work From Home’ lifestyle, some rather unexpectedly and abruptly, we may not feel equipped and prepared for the shift. With kids and spouses at home as well, it will be even more challenging than we anticipated. Some days you feel like you really need to be present with your team in person to achieve the outcomes you seek, whereas on other days you may feel highly productive, not having to deal with the commute and distractions at the workplace.

Having experienced both professional styles in my career, I will say that a single most important factor that will help is to find a holistic and realistic routine that works for you. A routine which is inclusive of the needs of family, ensuring the kids are safely engaged, as well as of your own individual needs. Social isolation can impact your mental health, especially if you are living alone. It may lead to loneliness, depression and anxiety. Social distancing does not interpret as social Disconnecting. Maintain the social connection, speak/meet with your team, friends and family on phone and video calls regularly. Make time for your wellbeing- exercise, meditate, read, listen to music and eat well.

Maintaining simple habits like taking a shower every morning, or proactive actions like upgrading the internet service, setting up a designated work area in the house – can go a long way. Set expectations of your family and team. Help your team understand your home environment and family obligations. Communication is vital- make use of the company’s internal communication tools as much as possible to stay in touch with your colleagues. Be compassionate, be supportive of each other’s circumstances and work to the best of your abilities. We all need to step up our game, stay positive, focused and committed, while staying mindful of work integrity and ethics.

As businesses and governments across the globe try to navigate through the unprecedented situation of the coronavirus outbreak and mitigate its impact, every individual needs to take accountability and make intelligent decisions to stay safe and keep others safe.

Priyanka Nema
VP, Groupsoft US Inc.