Endless Possibilities with Data

  • Orchestrate each touchpoint of your customer along their journey and create a winning proposition
  • Predict the behaviour of your customers and effectively plan your value deliverance
  • Listen and decipher the trends on social media and leverage your user engagement to optimise your buys
  • Not just stop at knowing what is getting sold, but importantly why it got sold

Retailers were able to increase their shareholders’ value by 8.5 times, by creating a data analytics framework to optimize their omni-channel experience – as per a study published in HBR. Another report by Oracle states that retailers gain a 60% increase in their operating margins by using big data and, this is just the beginning!


Groupsoft’s Analytics Framework facilitates a robust data management process that includes acquiring, validating, storing, protecting and processing the otherwise highly distributed data to ensure its accessibility and reliability of the data for its users. The critical success factors for such programs are:

Integrating the Data from Disparate Systems

Right Insights at the Right Time

Ensuring Data Security & Compliance

Technology Roadmap & its Adoption


Smart Solutions for Smarter Decisions

Success of an Analytics program requires a well deliberated Solution Roadmap and a nuanced approach using mature tools and latest technologies guided by the right team of developers and domain experts.

Groupsoft has delivered results using its proven 360-degree approach that engages People, Process and the Platform.

Access Contextual Insights with the AI Edge

Groupsoft’s basket of solutions empowers your decision making by infusing machine intelligence in your tactical as well as predictive reporting.

Fashion Merchandise Analytics

  • Variants Performance
  • OOS Analysis
  • Size – Color Inventory Reporting

Omnichannel Customer Analytics

  • Customer Journey Analysis
  • Channel Behaviour

Omnichannel Retail Analytics

  • Cross Channel Insights
  • Order Dashboarding
  • Platform-Product Performance
  • Price-Promotion Analysis
  • Order Fulfillment Analysis

Intelligent Supply Chain Analytics

  • Order Based PO Generation
  • Supplier Fulfillment Analytics
  • Order to Delivery Analytics

Finance Analytics

  • Cross-Category Performance
  • Planned GM V/s Realised Margin
  • Promotional Forecasting

Proprietary Apps for Advanced Analytics and Decision Making on Snowflake and SAP HANA


Weather based forecasting

Measure and Manage the Impact of Weather on your Business

Vendor driven Promotions

Collaborate with Partners to create the best proposition for your customers

Markdown Simulation

Revenue Vs Profitability? This tool forecasts the incremental dollar on every discounting dollar

Zipcode Performance

Store Analytics layered with a Map view and much more

Unique Perspectives to Enhance Business Performance