About Us

Groupsoft is one of the world’s leading Solutions Provider and Systems Integrator for Retail and Fashion enterprises, where bold innovative thinking, inspired people, and passion for results come together for an exceptional impact. We simplify, strengthen, and transform your Retail, Wholesale and Fashion business.

Groupsoft is headquartered out of Princeton, NJ in the US and has its offices in New York and Bangalore. Groupsoft has, since its foundation in the year 2009. Through years of Business Solution implementation and consulting experience for the Retail, Wholesale, and Fashion industries, strategic partnerships, and passionate commitment to client satisfaction, we have created a one-stop-shop for any enterprise interested in elevating their operations to the cutting-edge of retail technology. Groupsoft’s client base spreads beyond 90 plus satisfied customers with a geographic coverage of 30 plus countries.


At Groupsoft we believe in quality delivery and success. We encourage a “can do, will do” approach, and an innovative, entrepreneurial spirit. Groupsoft lays importance on its core set of values which include integrity, respect for all, collaboration, creativity and enablement, and the company embraces a culture of inclusion and empathy.

We believe that sustained Success and Growth are achieved through progressive leadership, and collective progressive thinking and action.

Our Objectives

  • Passion for Customer Satisfaction
    We place our customers first in everything we do.
  • Uncompromising Integrity
    We are honest and conduct our work in a professional, committed and transparent manner.
  • Customer Loyalty
    We gain respect and loyalty from customers by consistently adding value and delivering the highest quality, for us a mark of success is to have a return customer.
  • Commitment to our Team
    We demonstrate commitment to our team by creating a work environment that reflects our values and enables them to reach their potential and beyond.


Our team of experts have the industry knowledge, experience, and resources to bring new capabilities to your business, with solutions covering process areas such as Finance, Digital Supply Chain, Merchandise and Inventory Management, Sourcing and Procurement, Sales, Customer Experience Management, Retail planning and optimization, POS Sales and Promotions.

Our services cover: strategy & architecture, implementation, performance optimization, integration, enhancements, user training, post-implementation support, and managed services to ensure continually improving return on investment.

Always keen to improve upon our ability to offer the very best in Technology services, Groupsoft has proudly partnered with industry leaders including SAP, DellEMC, Planalytics, and SkyBuffer. With powerful technological allies, we are able to address the unique challenges and requirements of an enterprise, design the optimal strategy for solution implementation, and execute the implementation efficiently, cost-effectively, and with minimal disruption to daily operations.

Groupsoft – Your trusted delivery partner in Retail, Wholesale, and Fashion.