SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR) Solution for Retail and Fashion

Groupsoft’s SAP Customer Activity Repository (SAP CAR) services are heavily focused on providing customers with a real value to stream-line Omnichannel Point of Sales process focused on Customer centric offerings and services.

SAP Customer Activity Repository enables Retail and Fashion enterprises to plan their business activities based on the customers’ requirements and consumers’ buying behavior. Retailers, with the use of SAP CAR can predict product demand across all channels. Speed and agility of SAP HANA provides real-time sales and inventory information to the retailer

Groupsoft’s CAR Experts offers an in-depth experience of retail planning experience along with solid SAP CAR, SAP Business Analysis Services and SAP Analytics offerings, which is providing customer a great value by implementing S/4 CAR in their business.

SAP CAR has the ability to further integrate this information with customer data and provide useful information based on past customer interactions about customer’s individual buying behavior and preferences. This predictive analytics capability of the solution supports effective decision making for the retailers and enables them to provide customers with the much desired personalized brand experience, thereby promoting the customer loyalty – eventually that translates to increased sales.

SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR) – Key Benefits

Omnichannel POS Integration

The Customer Activity Repository captures sales transactions across multiple channels by introducing a new multichannel data model. Availability of POS, sales order, and return transactions at one place enables 360° view of the customer as CAR offers SAP CEI access to Cross Channel Transactional Data Customer Activity Repository.

Real-time Inventory Transparency for Improved Cross-Channel Planning and Fulfillment

Gain real-time inventory visibility with SAP Customer Activity Repository. You can get snapshots of your inventory and stock levels in near real-time and at any moment when you need this information during your business operations. You will always have ready information available about how much stock is left of any item at each and every store location, enabling real-time transparency and ad hoc interventions without waiting for the endless nightly inventory posting runs to be finalized.

On-shelf Availability to Reduce Out-of-Stock Scenarios and Lost Sales

Analyze sales transactions in real time to detect products that may have on-shelf availability issues (for example, due to out-of-shelf or out-of-stock situations), including full transparency for regular as well as promotional products.

Unified Demand Forecasting and Improved Replenishment Strategy

With SAP Customer Activity Repository you can gain multichannel sales analysis and real-time insight into sales performance and customer buying behavior across channels which help you optimize processes and interactions with other departments, customers, and suppliers. You can understand sales performance by category, compare data on actuals against forecasts, align replenishment based on sales by channel and even create personalized promotions for your customers.

Customer Insight and Social Intelligence for Personalized Brand Experiences and Promotions

Provide customers with a consistent, personalized brand experience across all channels and business models. You can now accurately predict demand to have the right products in the right place for the right price. You can also enrich data with social media feedback, enterprise data, and third-party data for a 360-degree view of customers. With SAP CAR you can generate insights to prepare, plan, and develop promotions, assortments, and programs that boost market share and sales through one source of all customer data.

Sales and Merchandise Analytics

With Customer Activity Repository application you can collect, cleanse, and centralize all customer-related data across all channels in real time for analysis and gain insights that support effective decision-making.


With Customer Activity Repository application you can collect and utilize all customer-related data across all channels in real time and make it ready for consumption by other applications. Over a period of time Groupsoft has developed expertise in implementing CAR consuming applications which include:

  • Merchandise Planning for Retail
  • Assortment Planning for Retail
  • Allocation Management for Retail
  • Promotion Management for Retail

Groupsoft, given its vast domain experience and a deep understanding of the Retail business processes has developed CAR Consuming Applications (On-Premise and Cloud applications) that meet the unique challenges of Retail business. These applications include:

  • Merchandise 360
  • Visual Merchandise Planning
  • Category Planning for Grocery and Food Products
  • Weather Driven-Demand Planning (Weather Analytics)
  • Assortment Performance
  • Assortment Optimization Analytics
  • Store 360
  • Store / Field Requisitions
  • Real-Time Inventory Request
  • Sales Audit Monitor
  • Sales Posting Tracker
  • Store Exception
  • Slow Seller Analysis – Markdown
  • CAR Bots
  • Robotics Process Automation (RPA on CAR)


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