Robotic Process Automation in Retail & Fashion Industry

The Retail and Fashion Industries are increasingly reliant on process speed and accuracy to meet customer demands. The processes in the retail and fashion companies comprise multiple layers of administrative, managerial, and customer service functions which are deeply inter-linked and complex.

Operational effectiveness, with reduced enterprise cost and efficient processing time, that enables customer engagement, is critical to the success of modern retail enterprises. In order to stay ahead of the competition, retailers are embracing Robotic Process Automation. RPA helps consolidate business data, optimize traditionally manual business processes, and create quickly-accessible repositories of information that can be accessed in real time to provide valuable business insights and enhance customer experience.


Groupsoft has been optimizing business processes for retail and fashion environments for over a decade across the globe. Our extensive experience has helped us pinpoint some common factors that have led our clients towards Robotic Process Automation (RPA) implementation:

  • Optimization of enterprise-wide operational efficiency, agile processes & processing time
  • Automating traditionally manual processes, leading to decrease in resource demand and improved accuracy
  • Dynamic corporate governance and business teams structure
  • Creating new norms for operating expenses and ratios, contributing to increased profitability
  • Cost and resource optimization for improved scalability and growth potential


Use case of RPA in Retail and Fashion Environment

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) on Customer Activity Repository (CAR)

Retailers can gain the following benefits by implementing RPA on CAR:

  • Automate Daily, Monthly and Weekly Reconciliation and Account Balances
  • Credit Card Commission Calculation
  • Shrink Reserve Calculation
  • Variable Rent Commission Calculation and Posting
  • Sales Staff Commission Calculation and Posting
  • Delta Commission Calculation and Posting
  • Revenue Stamp Tax Calculation and Posting
  • Coupon Reconciliation


As your technology and implementation partner, Groupsoft will help design a phased implementation plan once we have evaluated the infrastructure readiness of your business and identified the most viable processes to be automated, based on your unique priorities and goals. Groupsoft offers a flexible cost-and-resources-optimized engagement model, working in close collaboration with client’s business and IT teams to address enterprise-specific challenges. Our subject matter experts cover strategy & architecture, implementation, performance optimization, integration, enhancements, user training, post-implementation support, and managed services to ensure continually improving returns on our clients’ investments.

Connect with our RPA experts today to explore the latest innovations, and to design your roadmap to becoming an intelligent enterprise powered by Robotic Process Automation.