Groupsoft has always placed great value and importance on knowledge, expertise, collaboration and expertise. These values form the core of the cultural foundation of the organization, and go beyond the team and walls of Groupsoft to our extended community of customers, vendors and partners. Groupsoft has developed focused competency, expertise, talent and knowledge base in Retail, Wholesale and Fashion business solutions over time. The capability and commitment has earned the organization professional reputation and has been widely recognised in the industry across the globe.

Groupsoft has formed deep and longstanding partnerships along its journey, with individuals and companies who are Global Leaders, Innovators and Subject Matter Experts in their own unique areas. These partnerships have provided Groupsoft the scope to scale up its resources and meet the variable requirements of a project, swiftly and efficiently across any part of the globe.

One of our key partnerships is with SAP within Retail and Fashion Verticals to consult, design, develop and implement the best business solutions for retail and fashion customers across the globe. Groupsoft experts are constantly focused on the latest and improved developments, technology and software offerings for retail and fashion business in close collaboration with SAP. Groupsoft has also established a close partnership with Dell to provide powerful HANA and Cloud based platforms for agile software business solutions. Together, Dell and Groupsoft offer the ideal software solution paired with the optimal hardware, to ensure retail enterprises in the digital era are operating at full potential.

Some of our other key Partners are Planalytics, where the two companies have collaborated to build a Weather Driven Demand Analytics Application based on SAP CAR for Retailers; with Sky Buffer which has resulted in a joint-offering of an independent add-on application for retail and fashion enterprises that makes business processes more interactive; and technology companies Third I and Maventic that bring the technical edge in developing complex customized business solutions to fulfill our customers’ unique requirements.


Groupsoft and DELL

Working together towards Digital Transformation of Retail

Groupsoft and SAP Partneship

Consistently Improving Retail Processes with Innovative Business Solutions