Omnichannel – New Normal in Retail

  • Social Media influences more than half of the purchase decisions made by the customers
  • Uniform and integrated brand experience across all channels is a prerequisite for new age customers
  • Offline to Online (O2O) channel has grown exponentially in the pandemic world presenting retailers with a new set of challenges
  • Price alone is no more a differentiator; availability, time & mode of delivery matters a lot more

A post covid world is witnessing a revolution in the omnichannel strategies necessitated by the need of retailers, to connect with customers on the platforms where their choices are getting influenced. The complexities have multiplied with the need of not just presenting the right product at the right time across devices and channels, but also being able to make it available at the right place.

Building a ‘Phygital’ Shopping Experience

To deliver a seamless, contextual and consistent experience to your customers across all channels and devices, it’s imperative that you have an omnichannel architecture that not just possesses a robust operational data processing power and behavioural intelligence but also the ability to adapt to the ever changing demands of business users and realities of the market.

Groupsoft offers solutions in areas that form the backbone of Omnichannel program

Customer Experience Management

Omni-Order Fulfilment

Inventory Visibility across Channels

Data Management & Analytics

Solutions for a Seamless Operationability

It’s business critical for retailers to develop their Omnichannel capabilities that individualizes customer experiences to a personal level. They need to use information such as brand, product preferences, location, content viewed, transaction histories and channels to create a precise persona of each of the target customer segments.

Groupsoft deploys its vast experience pool to design and orchestrate omnichannel initiatives for retailers, helping them achieve a cross-channel connectivity, bringing transparency and collaboration across the organization. Our deep domain knowledge and investments in proprietary apps help retailers formulate a comprehensive and flexible omnichannel architecture bringing accuracy and clarity across the entire spectrum of operations – from sales to logistics, from content to inventory.