By Angela Sorbino

The hot and humid weather has slowly started to disappear and soon the leaves will begin to change color. This turning of the seasons, like the turning of pages, will bring with it so many wonderful things! Throughout this month’s edition, you’ll see a recurring theme of New Chapters and Beginnings. For starters, our entire Groupsoft team has been busy at work on several of our own new chapters, including fresh initiatives, growing and expanding our team, project kick-offs and heightened goals!

Our Chief Marketing Officer, Utsaha’s article, provides a backstage pass on the ins and outs of our marketing department. And the entire department is delighted to be resurfacing our Newsletter, which has begun it’s transformation to the G360 Magazine! In this edition of the G360 magazine, we are introducing a new section, The Family Zone, where you can learn more about our Groupsoft extended family! This month, we are sharing some (absolutely ADORABLE) images of the kiddos on their first day of school!

A few of our own team members have also started school again! You can learn more about Shivangi and Pratishtha’s journey at NIFT and their internship at Groupsoft in their KYC interview on page XX.

The G360 committee is proud to be back to deliver you the inside scoop in the coming months! We are always open for new writers and editors to join the committee so if you’re looking to start your own New Chapter, we welcome you to join for our future editions!