Message From Priyanka Nema.

I will begin with an honest share. I enjoy watching sports and have lately been quite engrossed with the Olympics and then the US Opens. There is something ‘extraordinaire’ about how the human spirit surpasses its own limits and shines through. It leaves me in awe and feeling inspired. I am also quite taken-in by one of the comments that 18 year old Leylah Fernandez, US Open finalist made after winning the semi-finals when asked about her take on competition. She said her father told her to enjoy the winners that they throw (referring to her opponent Aryna Sabalenka’s aces), and then play your own. That I felt was a solid piece of advice!

Key takeaway after all is – to stay positive, genuinely enjoy our game, respect our competitors and focus on our own strengths.

At Groupsoft we constantly collaborate on innovative solutions, consistently sharpening our own skills so that we can help our customers better. That has been and continues to be the key differentiator for us as a team and as a company. Everyday I watch the senior members of our team lead by serving as mentors to the younger and newer team members, while the younger professionals bring sincere commitment and enthusiasm to their work. I believe it is this powerful combination that lays a strong foundation and will ensure the Groupsoft team will continue to Grow Together to greater levels of success. Stay strong and well!