Make an Impact, Build a Better Future

At Groupsoft, each of us strives for better in everything we do. At every step we approach our work, with each other and with our clients with the intention to improve, collaborate and learn.

The pace and scale of change today is staggering. But one thing that doesn’t change at Groupsoft is the value we place on the uniquely human ability to offer insight and empathy while using technology to make a positive impact.

We lay importance on our set of core values – Integrity, Respect for All, Collaboration, Creativity, Enablement, Inclusivity and Empathy.


Inclusive and Diverse Work Culture

    At Groupsoft, we embrace diversity. We consider a culture that honors and cultivates the best in you – Your experiences, skills, and desire to excel. We strive to cultivate an environment where different perspectives and ideas are expected and valued. We believe Anyone Anywhere can come up with the best creative idea.

    We show our commitment to diverse careers with a variety of available opportunities globally for students, graduates and experienced hires.

    Groupsoft offers you exposure to innovative technology, on the job training, and professional and social networking.

    Now more than ever, we are seeking talented people from diverse backgrounds to help our clients navigate the complexities of this transformative age – people with passion, curiosity, and drive to make things better. In return, we provide a forward-thinking progressive work environment, and make every effort to assist in your professional and personal development.


    Experiences that last a lifetime

    The best compliment for us is when we are enthusiastically referred by Groupsoftian’s to join the team and when our former employees have chosen to return to the company. The new perspectives and experiences that the returning Groupsoftian’s bring enrich us all. We often hear from our team about the fulfilling experience of their career at Groupsoft – team camaraderie, new challenges and learning opportunities, stimulating brainstorming sessions, multi-dimensional growth and so on… A glimpse of the Groupsoft team.

    A glimpse of the Groupsoft team

    Groupsoft is a people’s focused company. The team here is rich and diverse both culturally and in knowledge. With the growth of the company, there are plenty of opportunities for me to grow as well. I love working for Groupsoft!

    Senior SAP Consultant Retail & FMS

    Technology is my passion, and Groupsoft gives me the opportunity to do what I love to do!

    Sales Executive

    It’s very clear that Groupsoft cares a lot about its employees. I’ve already learned so much from this talented team, and I’m looking forward to continuing my career as a member of the Groupsoft family.

    Admin & Account Executive

    Groupsoft is a good place and a great team to work with!

    Lead Consultant Technical

    You’ll get a very cohesive and healthy atmosphere, that will help you to balance your personal and professional lives. I would like to give my thanks to the entire Groupsoft family for their support and wisdom.

    Senior SAP Retail Consultant

    As an SAP consultant, working here, it’s like a family. Moreover, the management excels in transparency and shows mature leadership.

    Lead SAP SD Consultant

    Groupsoft is an employee-friendly organization which keeps employees first in whatever they do. Working with Groupsoft is not just a job, it’s a calling.

    Manager Operations

    I like to work in Groupsoft because it gives me the freedom to reach my goals and give my best


    Are you looking for a career that brings out your best?

    At Groupsoft, you can find your passion, do your best work, and embark on a future of constant learning and get an opportunity to make an impact.

    We offer a space and culture where professionals not just ‘have a job’, but make a CAREER. Make a change, make an impact, leave a legacy.

    Whether you are new and beginning your career, an executive, a university student, an experienced professional, or a Groupsoft alumnus, we invite you to explore careers at Groupsoft and join us in building a better future.

    Visit our job openings page

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