SAP Business Analytics Solutions

With the explosion of e-commerce and greater access to information surrounding the latest trends and offerings, modern customers are more informed than ever before, and have come to expect a seamless Omnichannel shopping experience. Understanding customer preferences and buying behavior is essential to forecasting, planning, and cultivating brand loyalty.

With the tremendous volume of data pouring in from various channels and points of customer interaction, turning this information into actionable business insights can be an extremely complex task. That is why Groupsoft, an SAP Global Partner and industry innovator for over a decade, is pleased to offer an integrated analytics solution that creates a single access point to valuable business information, with built-in analytics capabilities, and the flexibility of hybrid deployment options.
SAP Business Analytics Solutions enable your enterprise with the capability to access and manage company-wide business information and extract meaningful insights for effective decision making. The end-to-end business analytics solution suite is designed to simplify the management of data, and maximize data utilization potential. It is comprised of multiple components including:

SAP Analytics Cloud

  • Access all analytics information from a single point, enterprise-wide analytics repository
  • Use advanced AI, Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language
  • Processing (NLP) technologies for more informed, effective, and immediate decision making
  • Flexibility to combine high speed cloud based innovations with tried and trusted on-premise capabilities

Enterprise Planning Solutions

  • Analyze and integrate various unit-wise plans to design an enterprise-wide, unified view for coordinated and informed business decision making and planning
  • Eliminate data redundancy with a single source of truth for all plans and information
  • Get the right insights and information in real-time

Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions

  • A single and centralized platform for data visualization, analysis, and reporting
  • Real-time business intelligence, irrespective of business complexities, from a single tool or multiple tools and interfaces
  • Effective data visualization, dashboards, and analytics tools to identify and highlight unique insights and new opportunities with easy collaboration and information sharing
  • Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

  • Use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to access insights into existing enterprise-wide workflow, helping to identify gaps and to make predictive models that enable business growth
  • A unified digital data analytics platform to filter, process, manipulate, analyze, and visualize data and business information for creating predictive models for meaningful business insights and analytics


Expert Consulting - Architectural Service

  • Analytics Roadmap Development & BW re-regineering
  • BW & BI Strategy architecture consulting and selection of tools
  • Big data Cloud Migration
  • Selection of ML / AL Tool and Visualization tool
  • SAP CAR (Customer Activity Repository) Analytics Architecture
  • Mobile Analytics Architecture

Business Consulting & Development

  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Digital Boardroom
  • Standardization and Harmonization of Analytics Requirements across Global Organization
  • Design and Development of SAP Analytics for smooth Business Operations
  • User ready Key Analytics and KPIs Template for Retail and Fashion Industry
  • Defining KPIs based on Business Process setup

Big Data Migration, HANA Migration

  • SAP HANA Analytics Implementation services
  • HANA Development using best implementation practices
  • Legacy Data Migration to SAP HANA
  • Big DATA Migration services to Cloud
  • Data Transformation, BODS Migration, Testing and Support


  • On-going support and maintenance for
  • Analytics Services
  • Analytics Performance and data
  • Volume Management
  • System Monitoring, Continuous
  • Business improvements
  • Testing and Quality Assurance

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